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08/09/10 – After some months of silence, mostly due to Alfred’s overloaded agenda, we’re putting ourselves back on track again. This includes and involves a new rehearsal schedule. And our first job will be a defiant one: trying to somehow make some compositional sense of the gazillions of random ideas and takes that have been confined to various rehearsal room session recordings during the past near-year, and arrange all this to compliance with the musical course we’ve committed ourselves to for the near future. We’re aiming at more extremity and dynamics. In the context of what we’re doing, that means more relentlessness in breakdowns, more compellingness in melody, more divergence in harmonics, more groove in rhythm, and more unpredictability and general weirdness in songs. After that, our next task will be finalizing our latest CD’s mastering and distribute it to all venues with a possibly fitting programming profile to get something of a tour together for next season. And last but most certainly not least: get the existing oeuvre back into our our limbs and cortex and get our live form back – which just might prove the most difficult task of all. We’ll fill y’all in on further developments as they unfold!

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