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08/27/2011 – Everything once begun has an end. Every ending springs a new beginning. Ah well, I don’t have to think up any more treaded cliches, you all know what I mean. Kairo as a playing band has come to pass. The madness of daily life and the ever moving tectonics of existence have rendered it too difficult to plan a weekly session, and even impossible to plan this twice weekly – a minimal precondition to expand on new ideas. The split was amicably and we all remain friends so, sorry folks, no juicy tabloid stories there. Life goes on and we all have a point where we see ourselves forced to move along. The band had reached its moment of expiration. No tears or remorse, just a lot of fun memories and musical enjoyment.

Note that I’m referring to ‘the band’. You guessed it: we’re moving on, just not as a band but as a project. The story is this: Kairo’s former bass player, producer and founding member Marcel asked guitarist/composer/brother Alfred to develop a studio project together. The way he envisioned this was, that Alfred would somehow devise a simple studio framework in which he would compose and record his guitar tracks, and relay this as rough demo material to Marcel’s lair in Brazil for further production and sundry magic, with the internet as means of conveyance.

When Kairo gathered together for a final meeting, Kairo’s vocalist Michel expressed the explicit desire to continue working with Alfred in whichever way or form. Being an accomplished sound engineer, an agile studio tech and a complementary session musician (all of which Alfred, unable to tell any difference between Cubase and PhotoShop, let alone operate either one, is not), the studio framework East of the Atlantic was in place before the dust of Kairo’s demise had settled. Alfred installed his guitar recording rig at Michel’s Cave 6 studio and the first musical blows have already been immortalized.

First mission: a 20-minute opus swaying from hardcore metal to ambient jazz around a core theme. I’m sure this will keep us busy for the next few months. Keep you posted!

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